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Criminal Law

Trust Our Experience with Criminal Law in Totowa, NJ

The criminal justice system is extremely complex. Even in local, state and federal legal issues frequently arise because the rights of those accused of crimes are protected by the United States Constitution. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side who understands the elements of the crimes you've been charged with, as well as how to protect your Constitutional rights as they apply under the relevant statues of criminal law in Totowa, NJ.

You have been accused of committing a disorderly persons offense or an indictable felony. A disorderly persons offense is usually punishable by a fine and or up to six months of jail time. A felony is usually punishable by more than one year in jail. In either case, your freedom is at stake. In addition, many clients find themselves facing multiple charges related to a single incident.

If you need help with criminal law in Totowa, NJ, turn to us

The Right Attorney for Your Case

When you encounter difficult circumstances like these, you don't have to face your charges alone. The team at the Law Offices of Salvatore Bellomo, LLC, can equip you with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will make every effort to get the charges against you dropped before a trial. If that is not possible, we work diligently to prepare and argue a vigorous defense against the prosecution's claims.

Criminal cases often come down to one factor: the burden of proof. When the state accuses you of a crime, it's their job to prove you committed it, and they must do so beyond a reasonable doubt. That is a difficult burden to overcome, and we carefully analyze the facts of your case to create reasonable doubt in the minds of the judge or the jury.

Working with us, you get more than an average defense lawyer. Our practice has access to decades of insider knowledge about how the prosecution conducts agreements and presents evidence. We know how to counter their strategies effectively, giving you the best chances of successfully fighting back against your charges.

Even if you aren't sure what you're being charged with, or why, contact us. We can help you understand the challenges you're facing, and determine what our team can do to help you overcome them. When your freedom is at stake, you need a tireless advocate. When you choose the Law Offices of Salvatore Bellomo, LLC, you'll get one.